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KJV Keystone Bible
To many, the most accurate version of the Bible is the King James Version or KJV. To its advocates, it remains the gold standard for Protestant Bibles. With our KJV Bibles, you can read, interpret, and understand the Bible in its purest form (its English translation is closest to the original Hebrew (Old Testament) and Greek (New Testament) texts. Read more...
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KJV Notetaking Bible, Blue Floral
KJV Notetaking Bible, Blue Floral, Hardcover
Retail: $44.99
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The" KJV Notetaking Bible" is designed to enhance personal Bible study as well as preparation Holman Bible Staff   Cloth Holman Bibles King James Version - Text EAN: 9781433645594
The King James Version or KJV Bible was named after King James I of England when he authorized a new English translation of the Scriptures in 1604 (finished in 1611). For the past 400 years, the KJV Bible has been the most trusted version for millions of individuals.

The language of the KJV is often formal in tone and form. For some, the repetitive words like thou, thee, art, and shalt, sound awkward compared to today’s language. Still, the version is almost the exact original translation. It takes a little practice or getting used to the Bible version but once you get the hang of it, you will appreciate it for its rich history.

With our King James Version Bibles, you can read the Bible for all its worth and focus yourself on God's pure Words without the flowery and complicated renditions of other versions. You can be assured and guaranteed of its accuracy which can help you understand verses in the way they are meant to be interpreted.

Our online Christian bookstore offers KJV Bibles, KJV Study Bibles, KJV Reference Bibles, KJV Pew Bibles, and many other Bible types.

Think of receiving a love letter from your special someone. If someone transcribed the letter first, you may not feel as emotionally connected to the letter. That is very similar to the KJV Bible, it's rendered closest to the original text capturing the heart of God through His inspired writers. There's no other version that is this close to the original Hebrew and Greek texts than the KJV.

Want to know God and His heart for you? Get one of our KJV Bibles.