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Most believers own a Bible. You may have made a big investment in getting your Bible, so why not protect it? Our Bible covers are here to help you. Bible covers offer maximum protection and ultimate care for your precious Bible. We use daily our Bibles so we need a Bible cover to prolong and extend its life. We have a wide selection of Bible covers to choose from with different materials and sizes to suit your Bible needs. Read more...
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Reptile Cherry Bible Cover LG
CBB Price: $18.56

Eagle Isaiah 40:31 Bible Cover, Brown, Large
Retail: $19.99
CBB Price: $15.99

by Christian Art Gift - 6006937092891
Large Distressed Leather-Look Bible Cover - Brown (*Damaged)
Retail: $17.99
CBB Price: $11.88

Scratch in leather from top right corner to bottom left
Perhaps, as early as a Sunday schooler in church, you may have been given a Kid's Bible then Teen's or Youth Bible, Adult Bible and all other Bibles as you grow up and mature in your walk in the Lord. You may have a collection of worn-out Bibles and maybe you have been securing a new Bible every couple of years.

With our Bible covers, you can protect your Bible from wearing and tearing out. You will be able to preserve it to last for a lifetime should you choose one of our durable yet stylish Bible covers.

Our Bible covers are made from leather, imitation leather, microfiber, nylon, among others. You may choose from different sizes and styles to fit your taste and needs.

You may want to give each of your family member a Bible cover for their Bibles. At an economical price, our Bible covers guarantees longevity and securely holds your Bible protecting it from outside elements that will ruin it.

The next best thing to invest after the Bible is one of our Bible covers. You may choose a thin Bible cover or a bulky type for added protection. Or choose some brands matching your Bible format for a fashionable Bible and you.

Imagine owning a Bible that is well taken care of that makes you want to always read the Scriptures in a fresh way. If we are protecting our mobile phones, laptops, iPads or ebook readers with cases and covers, how much more our Bibles?

Should you need assistance in choosing the best Bible cover for your Bible, do not hesitate to contact us NOW.