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The Women of Faith movement is a propelling force in North America catering to women of all ages by providing events, online resources, and materials. Since 1996, it has impacted over 4.5 million women through its events which features “music that moves, stories that strengthen, and teaching that transforms”. When you purchase our Women of Faith resources, you’ll be empowered for Godly womanhood and gain insights on how to fulfill your destiny in life. Read more...
Most women today have been missing the mark in knowing who they really are and being one with their true identity as a woman. Like all people, women feel powerless, helpless, weak, marginalized, hopeless, and devalued. This can be made worse living in the sexist world we live in.

As always, it is the enemy of our souls who have been advancing his evil agenda to ignore, neglect, abuse, stigmatize, and oppress women in whatever degree or intensity.

There is a way out of this dilemma. It starts with knowing who God is intimately-- His true nature, character and attributes. Not what God can do for you and your situation but what He really is as our God.

Once you have reached the point of knowing who God is, then He will reveal to you who you really are as a woman – the Bride of Christ, princess, royalty, dearly loved, cherished, protected, and cared for by God.

Knowing these two important things will help you withstand all obstacles, adversities, and adversaries coming against you. You will no longer stay as a victim. You won’t allow yourself to listen to the enemy's lies and you will never allow people to dishonor, disrespect, or devalue you.

Here is where you get the power to actualize your identity in Christ. This can help you realize you are a woman of destiny.

Women of Faith believes in applying principles that helps women navigate this journey successfully. Through music, drama, humor and real-life stories in their events, you will be forever changed.

Try our Women of Faith resources and experience the life God wants for you to have as an empowered woman of faith, purpose, and destiny.