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Animated What If
Hollywood blockbuster films have invaded the world at the dawning of the 21st century. But there's good news. Christian Entertainment is now keeping up with this fast-paced trend in movies and gaming. Christian directors, producers, writers, and actors are united to take the message of salvation by storm from the world over. Through our Christian Entertainment, you will find enjoyment, motivation, encouragement, and inspiration you need in your troubled life. Read more...
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The Ultimate Life: Michael Jr & Bill Cobbs & Peter Fonda
The Ultimate Life - DVD-Video
Retail: $9.99
CBB Price: $8.34

Fox Faith, by Michael Jr & Bill Cobbs & Peter Fonda - 0024543909583
Luther - DVD-Video
Retail: $14.98
CBB Price: $12.51

by Eric Till & Joseph Fiennes & Alfred Molina - 9780792861911
The Greatest Miracle
The Greatest Miracle - DVD-Video
Retail: $14.99
CBB Price: $12.52

- 0796019825030
No Lost Cause
No Lost Cause - DVD-Video
Retail: $14.99
CBB Price: $13.01

by Proverbs Films & Destiny Image Films - 0793573090522
Homecoming - DVD-Video
Retail: $9.99
CBB Price: $8.34

by Larry Amon & Cwa Films - 0822371139741
October Baby Blu Ray DVD
Octoberbaby: Every Life Is Beautiful - Blu Ray
Retail: $11.99
CBB Price: $9.71

- 0602341005692
The Encounter: Paradise Lost
The Encounter: Paradise Lost - DVD-Video
Retail: $9.99
CBB Price: $8.34

by Bruce Marchiano & David White & Robert Miano - 0857533003011
Lamp - DVD-Video
Retail: $14.98
CBB Price: $13.00

- 0704400094040
Blue Like Jazz
Blue Like Jazz - DVD-Video
Retail: $14.98
CBB Price: $12.51

by Steve Taylor & Marshall Allman & Tania Raymonde - 0031398151180
The Lamp: Just Believe
The Lamp: Just Believe - DVD-Video
Retail: $19.99
CBB Price: $17.35

by Trost Moving Pictures & Destiny Image Films - 0793573847546
What If (Blu-Ray)
What If (Blu - Ray) - Blu Ray
Retail: $9.99
CBB Price: $8.34

by Franz Studer & Dallas Jenkins & Kevin Sorbo - 0893261001530
Footsteps of Christ
Footsteps of Christ - DVD-Video
Retail: $16.98
CBB Price: $15.27

- 0628261046591
Rip Tide: The Next Wave Could Be the Last: Skip Heitzig & Chuck Smith & Greg Laurie
Rip Tide: The Next Wave Could Be the Last - DVD-Video
Retail: $16.99
CBB Price: $14.19

by Skip Heitzig & Chuck Smith & Greg Laurie - 0074948830296
I Am
I Am - DVD-Video
Retail: $9.99
CBB Price: $8.34

by John Ward & Kate Bishop & Tomas Boykin - 0024543715702
Revelation - DVD-Video
Retail: $7.98
CBB Price: $6.67

by Jeff Fahey & Nick Mancuso & Carol Alt - 9788901733647
With the phenomenal The Bible TV series with 68 million viewers for its 10-part series beating all TV programs on earth in a span of 2.5 months, we can see a paradigm shift in entertainment solely monopolized by Hollywood generations ago. Christian Entertainment is now booming in an unprecedented pace as the last days or end times could be here now.

Movies and films are now the most influential media platform as every person at any age has an access whether on TV, internet, tablets, and mobile phones. Just one click you can access hundreds of thousands of movies paid or free.

That is why there is a double side to this phenomenon. The movies patronizing the kingdom of darkness with violence, pornography, occult, cult and vampires and witchcraft are accelerating.

We need to protect our children from these dark influences at all costs. This is how CBB can help you. We are concerned with the influence of media in molding our younger generation so we have solution for it.

With our Christian Entertainment resources, you can provide maximum protection to your kids and guaranteed Godly influence as they mature in their walk in God.

It's garbage IN, garbage OUT. We need to fill the minds, hearts, emotions, and wills of our young ones with clean things like Godly Christian Entertainment. The Bible is clear in Proverbs for parents to train up their child in the way they should go and when they are old, they will not turn from it.

Even the young adults and even older folks should be very careful with exposing themselves with unclean media as it destroys the very fabric of the society in subtlety.

Join us in molding our families, schools, churches, ministries, workplaces with clean Christian Entertainment. A Christian movie might be the tool you need to share Jesus to someone close to you. Why not do it NOW?