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You're more than a customer. To us, you're a Member!

At, many of our 20,000 customers have been customers since we began our online Christian bookstores in 2003. All of you have been important members of our online family. Instead of being "Just a customer" to us, we have put the plans in place to serve you as an important member of the Christian Community, and a much valued Member of our Christian books, Bibles and gifts website.

As a Member of, (no cost to you-ever)*, we are bringing you-(in addition to good products and prices)-a careful selection of information, insight and happenings- what's going on in the Christian community across the entire country.

Since most Christians who come to our website are searching, studying, and confirming their path to faith, we have dedicated a portion of our website to important Christian insight that can further support and validate belief that we're all on the right path. Our full-time researchers do this by looking at what's going on around the country and providing you with-access to others' thinking about their personal struggles to confirm their faith; great, inspirational sermons; tender wit; introspective devotionals and much more.

We are supporting you because we recognize it is important to be more than just a bookstore

Looking at the Christian community beyond the boundaries of one's local church and community is a good way to further confirm and validate one's own thinking. We are supporting you because we recognize it is important to be more than just a bookstore, and also, because we don't want to miss any opportunity to bond, and support more closely-with our Christian Community.

Our New Look

Here's what our new website looks like now:

  • An online Members Magazine and blog - Down-to-earth Christian insight-from people just like you.
  • Best Sermons-Ever! - Spectacular, stop-and-think short video sermons from all over the country.
  • Sage Advice - Pastors from churches around the country offer succinct advice to help guide troubled Christians.
  • Pastor Dave's Devotionals - insight, and tender wit from our resident pastor-advisor.
  • Going's On Calendar - our researchers constantly search for what's going on with the greater Christian community to give you exciting Christian activities to join-especially as you and your family plan vacation travel. (Did you know that in 2017 "The History of the Bible" museum opens in Washington, D.C.?)
  • And occasionally, a surprise gift from us to you-just for being a much-valued Member of

And to tie everything together through our website:

  • Members-Only Services - Call us to help you find resources you want: an inspiring book, unique gift ideas, a place to go for specific advice.
  • Free Smart Phone App - Our own smart phone APP is all about daily life challenges keyed to memorable and uplifting Bible readings. Shortly, you'll get an invitation addressed to you to add this inspiring and useful APP to your smart phone.

We want to stick with you, so you will want to stick with us.

Further to your experience with us, we are dedicated to helping your church have more resources and money for programming at its disposal through working with church specialists.

For Your Church. For You.
Here are a few things we are also doing to reinforce your shopping experience with us. In addition to books, Bibles and gift sales at important times, and occasional-Members-Only product offerings, we have Pay-it-Forward Programs for you and your church.

  • For Your Church - Churches who join our program get a 10% give back on what they buy for church activities. Talk to Customer Service for more details.
  • For You - we give you 10% back on purchases in points: for every dollar you spend, you get 10 points. Collect 4500 points and you get $45 off your next order. Details at website sign-in.
  • Pay-it-Forward Program - For everything you buy from us, your church gets 5% credit towards their give back program-all year long.
  • Free Gifts - If, after three months of membership, you're satisfied with our expanded website and offerings, recommend a friend. Their acceptance and website purchases gets them a free copy of "Jesus Calling"-and if you don't already have a copy-one for you too-as our thank you!
  • Members-Only Product Offerings - from time-to-time, special book and gift purchases will allow us to give you the newest books and gifts at substantial savings.

We're excited about our commitment to you-and most importantly our commitment to serving the broader Christian Community. So, look around our new website, and please-give us your feedback. We'd love to hear from you!

Welcome Member!


Les Garnas
President, Christian Books and Bibles

*If you are currently a customer of, you are automatically a Member of our expanded community. Your member number, should you need it, is on every order. If you are new, simply sign up.