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The English Standard Version or ESV is the revision of the Revised Standard Version edition in 1971. This English version of the Christian Bible remains true to its commitment of being “essentially literal”. Through our ESV Bibles, you can study God's Word in an easy to understand language that closely adheres to the original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. Bible reading and study will never be this easy with our ESV Bibles. Read more...
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ESV Waterproof Bible - Blue Wave (Paperback),Bardin & Marsee
ESV Wateroof Bible (Softcover, Blue)
Retail: $39.95
CBB Price: $29.96

by Bardin & Marsee - 9781609690120
Student Study Bible-ESV
Student Study Bible-ESV, Imitation Leather, Grey
Retail: $39.99
CBB Price: $34.71

Winner of the 2012 ECPA Book of the Year Award for Bibles

The ESV Student Crossway Bibles Imitation Leather Crossway Books English Standard Version - Study EAN: 9781433552724

ESV Reformation Study Bible - Brick Red Imitation Leather
Retail: $80.00
CBB Price: $69.99

by RC Sproul
ESV Reformation Study Bible - Hickory Leather
Retail: $190.00
CBB Price: $142.50

by RC Sproul
In the early 1990's, scholars and pastors felt the need for a Bible version that can ride with the current language without compromising its faithfulness to the original texts. Dr. Lane T. Dennis along with a translation committee under the blessing of National Council of Churches did a 6% revision of the 1971 RSV edition taking into consideration idiom, syntax, and grammar.

Another minor revision happened in 2007 and later on in 2011 the most recent update was made for the ESV.

Oxford University Press included Biblical apocrypha in 2009 but this is not the
Catholic apocrypha but the deuterocanonical books.

Currently, the English Standard Version has been widely used by seminaries, Bible schools, scholars, clergies, and Evangelical denominations.

Precision in wording of the original texts and preserving the style of each Bible writer are the distinct quality of the English Standard Version.

With our ESV Bibles, you will take to heart God's Words literally and make applications in your life.

Imagine meditating on Scriptures daily, declaring, and obeying the truths expressed by God. Your life will surely be powerful and abundant.

This is excellent for new believers in the Lord and to those who want to teach the Bible to children or youth groups.

The ESV Bible is a good addition to your Christian books and library.