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Who haven't heard of Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia, Left Behind series or Love Comes Softly? These are Christian Fiction or Christian Novels written to present a Christian worldview, characters, plots, and themes. Through our Christian Fiction resources, you can relax and enjoy as the story unfolds giving you Christian moral lessons for life application. Read more...
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The Welcome Committee of Butternut Creek
The Welcome Committee of Butternut Creek - Paperback
Retail: $5.00
CBB Price: $4.34

Butternut Creek, by Jane Perrine - 9781455556991
A Sky Without Stars
A Sky Without Stars - Paperback
Retail: $13.99
CBB Price: $12.14

Quilts of Love, by Linda S Clare - 9781426752797
Poison Town: Creston Mapes
Poison Town - Paperback
Retail: $14.99
CBB Price: $13.01

Crittendon Files, by Creston Mapes - 9781434704870
Hopeful: Return to Sugarcreek, Book One - Paperback
Retail: $12.99
CBB Price: $11.28

by Shelley Gray - 9780062204462
Jenny's Choice: Patrick Craig
Jenny's Choice - Paperback
Retail: $13.99
CBB Price: $12.14

Apple Creek Dreams, by Patrick Craig - 9780736951098
Sadie's Secret
Sadie's Secret - Paperback
Retail: $13.99
CBB Price: $12.14

Secret Lives of Will Tucker, by Kathleen Y'Barbo - 9780736952156
London Dawn: Murray Pura
London Dawn - Paperback
Retail: $13.99
CBB Price: $12.14

Danforths of Lancashire, by Murray Pura - 9780736958875
Wildwood Creek
Wildwood Creek - Paperback
Retail: $14.99
CBB Price: $14.45

by Lisa Wingate - 9780764208249
Minding Molly
Minding Molly - Paperback
Retail: $14.99
CBB Price: $13.01

Courtships of Lancaster County, by Leslie Gould - 9780764210334
A Draw of Kings
A Draw of Kings - Paperback
Retail: $14.99
CBB Price: $13.01

Staff and the Sword, by Patrick Carr - 9780764210457
Where Courage Calls: A When Calls the Heart Novel: Janette Oke & Laurel Logan
Where Courage Calls: A When Calls the Heart Novel - Paperback
Retail: $14.99
CBB Price: $13.01

by Janette Oke & Laurel Logan - 9780764212314
Wishing on Buttercups
Wishing on Buttercups - Paperback
Retail: $14.99
CBB Price: $13.01

Love Blossoms in Oregon, by Miralee Ferrell - 9780781408097
Love's Sweet Beginning: Ann Shorey
Love's Sweet Beginning - Paperback
Retail: $14.99
CBB Price: $13.01

Sisters at Heart, by Ann Shorey - 9780800720728
Shadows of the Past: Patricia Bradley
Shadows of the Past - Paperback
Retail: $14.99
CBB Price: $13.01

Logan Point, by Patricia Bradley - 9780800722609
Rachel: Jill Smith
Rachel - Paperback
Retail: $14.99
CBB Price: $13.01

Wives of the Patriarchs, by Jill Smith - 9780800734312
In our childhood, we have read and watched fairy tales about a damsel and her prince charming or about giants and fairies or adventures of animals. They never failed to amuse, amaze, and entertain us but more than that they teach us a moral lesson.

Fiction stories are much like that but with varying degrees of intensity, struggle, and complexity of characters and plots. There are also Christian Fiction which presents a Christian worldview and lessons that has the power to save souls, heal hurts, teach principles, and above all, draw us closer to God.

A story woven has the ability, capacity, and capability to shape minds, mold character, and break down strongholds, mindsets, addictions, and wrong behaviors.

Many Christian Fiction novels or books are turned into films. Some of which became bestselling books and Hollywood blockbuster films.

Even the Bible is filled with stories albeit true to life compared to fiction. But, just the same, Christian Fiction is a channel or avenue to soften hearts that cannot be penetrated strongly by preachings, teachings, or Bible studies.

Think of the time when you try to comfort or counsel a non-Christian friend. Most likely, he won't listen to your Bible verses or passages or your admonition to straighten up his life through Christianity and all your other tools. But, when you share a story to him whether true or imagined, he will probably listen.

That is how Christian Fiction works. Through our Christian Fiction products and resources, you can share God, the gospel, and Christianity to your friends without them knowing it directly. They will just be captured by the stories then eventually drawn to God and His heart.

NOW is the time to browse our Christian Fiction books, movies, and resources. Be entertained, impacted, and changed!