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Do you find it difficult to say NO to the requests of people around you? Do you constantly feel pressured by the demands your family, workplace, church or relationships? You might be living a boundary-less life. Through our Boundaries curriculum and resources, you can learn how to set right boundaries in your life and enable you to enjoy the freedom coming along with these boundaries. Read more...
Boundaries. It is the demarcation line that identifies who you are and who you are not according to the best-selling authors and Christian clinical psychologists Henry Cloud and John Townsend.

We are all guilty of leading lives without boundaries. Most of the time it's difficult to say NO to a loved one or a close friend. We suffer so much pain, heartache, frustration, pressure, and troubles by not setting Godly boundaries in our lives.

With Biblical wisdom and professional clinical practice aimed to help people with emotional, mental, addictive, and destructive challenges and behaviors, Cloud and Townsend authored the Boundaries book and curriculum resources for you or someone you know.

Many lives testify of the fruitful results of applying the principles stipulated in Boundaries. Wherever you are in the world, people flock to shrinks or psychiatrists, psychotherapists, social workers or church counselors just to find solution to their long-time problems. Majority of these people's problems are rooted in lives without boundaries.

With our Boundaries products and resources, you can save time, money, effort, and resources you normally pay to professional therapists. Not that you don't need them, but reading and applying the Boundaries material can assist you in helping yourself find solutions to your ailing troubles.

There is no other book like the best-selling Boundaries. Once you learn setting correct boundaries in some, if not all aspects of your life, you will notice dramatic changes in your thinking, moods, attitude, behavior, responses, and reactions to people and situations.

Imagine a life with less stress, worries, fears, aches, hassles, and pains without much ado. Here in CBB, we want you to live the life you aspired for. Why not start with our Boundaries resources to begin with?